I accept PayPal, personal checks, and money orders.  I have found thousands of ancestors for my clients so far!   Here is some of the wonderful feedback and testimonials I have received :

--Rhonda is an outstanding genealogist.  She is an excellent researcher and very careful about separating provable facts, such as family descent, from reasonable conjecture.  She works quickly and efficiently, and also gives you colorful background about Sweden in the eras of your relatives.  She establishes creative strategies to help you and really cares about doing your genealogy research as if it was research on her own family.  She is the most capable researcher and genealogist I have ever worked with, and I recommend her very highly and without qualification.  You will be very, very pleased with her work.
--Carl S. , California

--WOW!   You went above the call of duty here!!  Thank you so very much for all this information, you have done such wonderful work for us and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.  It is obvious that you love your work, and you always go that extra mile.  ...Thank you again and you will be hearing from us again.
-- Harry J.

--Oh my gosh....your information brought tears to my eyes!  You don't know how long we've been trying to get information and thinking we'd have to go to Sweden to get it! ....I only wish my father were still alive to see this information.  Thank you again...you have truly made my day!
--Sue T.

Searching for your Swedish ancestors and family history?  You've come to the right place!   

I have over 20 years of genealogy experience and I am familiar with the Swedish language and geography which is helpful to your research.  I have been providing people with my services through Swedish Heart Genealogy since 2003.  I absolutely love my work, and I take pride in the results I present to you.  Your ancestors will become more than just names on paper; I attempt to provide you with details that will allow you to know them more as people through their occupations, death causes, marriage details, and anything else I am able to find !
--This is nothing short of amazing!!!!!!!!  When I first decided to contact you I figured you would be able to find a few pieces of information and maybe even a few more relatives or clues.  But, to go back to the 1600s and have the kind of information you have found for me is so far beyond my expectations I can't even tell you!!  And to find living relatives is the icing on the cake!
--Stephen W.    

-- Not only is she one of the most honest persons I've come in contact with, she is diligent, and very knowledgable. I wish I would have heard about her skills earlier. She comes highly recommended and is very fair.
--Wayne, Citrus Heights Ca.

--We have had you do research for our family several times now and I am more amazed with each search. The amount of information you have provided us with, has given us a look into a time we would have never known.  The first research that you did for us a few years ago, proved to be very accurate when an old box of photos and postcards from the late 1800's were found in the family attic recently. The names on the photos and postcards matched to the research you provided.  It was very exciting to know who these people were thanks to your work.

--Our latest searches have been just as interesting and we thank you once again for your confidentiality, professionalism and for providing such a great service at such a reasonable price.
It is such a pleasure to work with you and we look forward to more research in the future.
--Sincerely,  Ginny J. ,  Washington State
I absolutely love my work, and I am looking forward to finding your ancestors.  For further information, please contact me by email at the link on top of the page.  Tack!  Thanks!
Dyreborg, Egernahult, Elmhult (Älmhult), Emtön, Erikstorp, Erlandsbygget, Farhult, Finnboda, Flehalt, Forshem, Fralsegarden, Fälleshult, Groeryd, Grysshult, Grytet, Gunghult, Gunnarsbygget, Götlunda, Hallaryd, Halmstad, Hamneda, Handskalt, Hassleberg,  Hinneryd, Hishult, Holmana, Hult Västergård, Hult, Husalt, Hässlehult, Hässleholm, Högaholma, Högahulta, Hökhult, Höö, Jonsnahult, Jönkoping, Kasshult, Katrineholm, Kjörsveks, Klausön, Klockaregården, Knutstorp, Knäred, Kristianstad, Kockgården, Korsberga, Kyrkefalla, Kyrkhult, Käxnäs, Köphult, Körsveka, Lagered, Langaryd, Lidköping, Lindesberg, Linghult, Ljungarum, Ljungby, Loshult, Lugnås, Långhult, Markaryd, Möckelsnäs, Norrlida, Nyborg, Odensjö, Orrefors, Osby, Parkabygget, Parken, Perlarsbygget, Pickagården, Pjätteryd, Prästgården, Putsered, Ramnakyrkan, Ransberg, Risaberga, Ryd, Sankt Johannes, Sibbalt, Sjöared, Skarhavn, Skenabygget, Skinnersböke, Skrubberyd, Skövde, Snällsböke, Stenbrohult, Stenstorp, Stommen, Strömnäsbruk, Svenshult, Svenstorp, Tansjö, Taxås, Tibro, Timmershult, Tommared, Torpa, Torup, Traryd, Trälshult, Tygared, Uppsala, Veinge, Vångadal, Vänersnäs,  Väring, Värsjo, Västergötland, Västralt, Växjö, Ysby, Åhsbygget, Åmaberga, Ön, Johansson, Johansdotter, Andersson, Andersdotter, Karlsson, Karlsdotter, Nilsson, Nilsdotter, Eriksson, Eriksdotter,  Larsson, Larsdotter, Olsson, Olsdotter, Persson, Persdotter, Pärsson, Pehrsson, Persdotter, Frostensson, Frostensdotter, Svensson, Svensdotter, Gustafsson, Gustafsdotter, Pettersson, Pettersdotter, Jonsson, Jonsdotter, Jansson, Jansdotter, Hansson, Hansdotter, Bengtsson, Bengtsdotter, Jönsson, Jönsdotter,  Petersson, Petersdotter, Carlsson, Carlsdotter,  Magnusson, Magnusdotter, Sorensson, Sorensdotter, Gustavsson, Gustavsdotter, Lindberg, Olofsson, Olofsdotter, Lindström, Lindgren, Axelsson, Axelsdotter, Jakobsson, Jakobsdotter, Lundberg, Bergström, Lundgren, Berg, Berglund, Fredriksson, Fredriksdotter,  Mattsson, Mattsdotter,  Sandberg, Henriksson, Henriksdotter, Sjöberg, Forsberg, Håkansson, Håkansdotter, Lindqvist, Danielsson, Danielsdotter, Engström, Lind, Lundin, Eklund, Fransson, Fransdotter, Gunnarsson, Gunnarsdotter, Samuelsson, Samuelsdotter, Johnsson, Johnsdotter, Holm, Bergman, Holmberg, Nyström, Lundqvist, Arvidsson, Arvidsdotter, Isaksson, Isaksdotter, Isaacsson, Isaacsdotter, Mårtensson, Mårtensdotter, Björk, Nyberg, Söderberg, Nordström, Lundström, Wallin, Eliasson, Eliasdotter, Berggren, Björklund, Hermansson, Hermansdotter, Ström, Sandström, Nordin, Holmgren, Åberg, Sundberg, Ekström, Hedlund, Sjögren, Månsson, Månsdotter, Martinsson, Martinsdotter, Dahlberg, Öberg, Jonasson, Jonasdotter,  Abrahamsson, Abrahamsdotter,  Andreasson, Andreasdotter, Strömberg, Hellström, Åkesson, Åkesdotter, Norberg, Blomqvist, Blom, Sundström, Göransson, Göransdotter,  Åström, Ivarsson, Ivarsdotter,  Ek, Söderström, Löfgren, Lindholm, Bergqvist, Lund, Nyman, Dahl, Rundquist, Rundqvist, Hammarskjöld, Hedberg, Garbo, Trulsson, Trulsdotter, Anderson, Johnson, Person, Wahlberg, , Kane, Bradford, Mount Jewett, Mt. Jewett, Brockway,
My researching fee is just $25 per hour, very minimal as compared to certified genealogists who charge on average $50 an hour, not to mention their consultation fees.  I understand how important it is to people to know their roots, to be able to embrace their heritage, and I also know that it can become expensive so I keep my prices low to make it affordable for everyone.